Physical Rehabilitation

physical-therapy-800Oak Park Chiropractic’s highly trained team can help you, your child, or loved one achieve health performance goals beyond your imagination using a whole body training philosophy.

The Perfect Partnership In Healing

We all have certain biomechanical attributes. Some are fixed and unchangeable. Some of these attributes,  however, can be affected positively to increase the body’s capacity for physical rehabilitation and athletic performance.

After a complete evaluation is performed and your diagnosis has been given, a specific and individualized care program will be given to you to help aid in your recovery and to rebuild the injured areas to a higher level of strength and health for lasting results.

Our care first focuses on relieving the inflamed and injured areas using chiropractic care and other specialized therapies. After the inflammation has reduced, our team who are spinal rehabilitation professionals assist our patients in rehabilitating the weakened and injured areas to help give them the strength they need to heal and stay pain-free. This way, we can not only relieve your pain but also keep the areas surrounding the healing injured area healthy.

Using validated clinical techniques, we can isolate those mechanical variables that we can affect. Then utilizing the correct mix of state of the science hands-on clinical treatment, functional stretching, and specific exercises our team will enhance your ability to perform your sport with improved technique, more power, and reduced risk of injury.

Why We Are Different

The significant difference with our spinal rehabilitative program is that our focus is centered around the improvement of the spinal discs. By combining chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation therapies, we can lower the inflammation surrounding the injured discs which will enable them to rehydrate naturally and heal.

The concentration on the reconditioning of your spine and your mobility will help increase the strength of your core muscles surrounding the spine while enhancing your mobility and flexibility.

Fitness for All

Let our top health and wellness practice utilize a combination of unique treatments of deep-tissue therapies, spinal adjustments, and focus specific exercises in able to rehabilitate the function of your muscles, joints and nerves and get your body working in synergy.  The result is a decrease in pain, an increase in mobility and function, and better range of motion.

No matter your age or sex. A program can be designed to fit you and improve your life. Proper nutrition and a well-designed exercise plan consisting of weight resistance, flexibility and cardio will ensure achieving optimum health.